Tips that help you to buy the most suitable tube cutting machine


With the maturity and rapid development of fiber laser technology, it has begun to be widely used in various industries. The fiber laser cutting technology has also developed from sheet metal cutting to metal tube cutting. The birth and application of the fiber laser tube cutting machine have greatly improved the processing efficiency of the metal tubes.

We lazr-tech will guide you the advantages of fiber laser tube cutting machine, the classification and characteristics of the fiber laser tube cutting machine in the current market and outlook the development trend of fiber laser tube cutting machine.

Advantages of fiber Laser Tube Cutting machine

  • It has high cutting accuracy and the contour accuracy can reach ± 0.05mm.
  • The kerf is flat, with no burr, fine slit and less material loss.
  • It is non-contact processing and laser cutting of the heat-affected zone is very small, with almost no deformation.
  • It has high cutting efficiency, which can achieve mass production.
  • It has good flexibility, it can change or replace the product at any time with the use of the professional CNC system and suite of material programming software.

    Thus, fiber laser tube cutting machines can replace mechanical drilling, milling, sawing, punching or cleaning of burrs and other processes that require equipment and hard tools for processing different metal tubes.

It can realize cutting, chamfering, grooving or hole cutting, scoring and other possible size and shape features of complex tube structures, etc., which is widely used in sheet metal processing, kitchenware, lighting, automotive, medical equipment, hardware,

Benefits of fiber laser tube cutters

High precision and high efficiency

The future demand for tubes is growing, processing requirements will be higher and higher, and improving processing accuracy and production efficiency is a necessary factor in the rapid development of professional laser tube cutting machine.


User requirements change over time, and the modular design allows the addition or replacement of functional components to meet user requirements and maximize the benefits for both parties.

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